Andrew Rodger

Andrew Rodger, Bryan Helmer and the Calder Cup
(Photo Copyright TVOS)
The Voice of Sport

Andrew Rodger is a 'Life After Hockey' writer and author, and occasional Talking Head on television (and radio). He is also a 'semi-known' Canadian musician. Andrew has lived and traveled from coast to coast in Canada and now resides near Ottawa, Ontario.

As the Resident Writer for the NHL Alumni Association, Andrew provided news and interviews with NHL Alumni members for 5 years as the 'NHL Alumni Insider'. His goal was to shine the spotlight on Hockey's Greatest Family and life after hockey, as well as to help bridge the gap between hockey fans and their hockey heroes.

He continues to work with retired NHL players as an author and social media/branding consultant.

In 2012, Andrew took on his biggest job and the one he is most proud of, being Eliza's dad!! Along with writing, he watches My Little Pony and DC Superhero Girls professionally.

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