Monday, December 14, 2015

TVOS at Today's Slapshot - Beyond the Game

I remember thinking, quite foolishly as it turns out, that I would get more writing done when I became a dad three years ago. Well, instead of writing here at The Voice of Sport, I basically watch Care Bears, Sofia the First and My Little Pony professionally now...

Well, thanks to my good friend Rick Gethin, my efforts to help shine the spotlight on the NHL Alumni Association and "Hockey's Greatest Family" has found a new home at Today's Slapshot. While you can still find me glued to the latest episode of My Little Pony and posting when time allows it at the NHL Alumni website, you will see more and more of my work appearing at Today's Slapshot in a new format - Beyond the Game.

For my first guest, I had to get one of my all-time favourites and good friend Sean Pronger on the line! If you missed the Beyond the Game debut, drop by the site and check it out!

Cheers and thanks for the continued support - Andrew TVOS