Friday, December 5, 2014

How Matt Carkner Helped TVOS Have A Be A Hero Moment

As we celebrate Hero the Hero in our household, it's remarkable that I was part of what you could call a "be a hero" moment last night thanks to Matt Carkner. Now, Matt says I'm the hero of this story, but I say he is, so I guess we'll both be proud of our hero moment.

This story is a little long, but I do hope folks take the time to read it and maybe even share it... You'll see that it may only take a few minutes to be a hero to someone.

My wife and I bought tickets for last night's Sens and Islanders game so we could watch Matt play. Unfortunately, an injury kept Matt in New York (keep working big guy - we missed ya! But we'll catch you next time for sure!!).

We stumbled into quite a night as it turns out, with Alfie's retirement happening right before our eyes, but it was what happened before "the skate" that I'll always remember!!

We were in our seats by 6pm, with our supper and another copy of Hero in our hands. Even at that early hour, 50-100 people were at the Sens "tunnel" at the end of their bench, nobody was at our Islanders tunnel. Then a little girl arrived, maybe 10 or 11 years old, and she said, "Wow, Matt Carkner is my favourite player!" (she saw my Islanders #7 Carkner jersey).

She took off her Sens jersey so we could see her autographed #7 Carkner t-shirt.
She was waiting patiently by herself, hoping to see some of her hockey heroes, when we heard the ladies behind us say they had seen her there before and yes, she was a HUGE fan of Matt's. My wife Dianne and I joked that it's too bad we couldn't get her a message or a "hello" from Matt. Wait a minute... Could we? Should we??

Sent Matt a text with a quick explanation (thanks for the assist Kary!) and within a minute, a hello and picture came our way.

I don't usually do the "do you know who I know thing", especially with a kid - I'm proud of what I do but try not to show off... too much - hahaha!

I tapped the young lady on the shoulder and said, "You wouldn't know this, but Matt is a friend of mine, I sent him a text and told him you were a big fan and he sent along a hello just for you."

I've never seen eyes get so big!!!! "What? Wow!!!!"

She said, "Tell him I make the loom rainbows." - I sent him another text and told her that yes, Matt remembers you... Didn't know a kid's eyes could get bigger and brighter, but they sure did...

So, thanks again Matt for helping me feel like Santa! As I said to Dianne, that's probably the closest to "rock star status" I'll ever reach. I didn't get the little girl's name, but gave her one of my business cards so her mom or dad could email me and I'd send her a copy of the picture. I hope to hear from them!

So, keep an eye out Matt, you might be autographing that pic one day.

A legendary moment! A hero-iffic moment!!

Thanks Matt - I owe ya one!

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