Monday, February 18, 2013

NHL Alumni Interview With Todd Ewen

It is an exciting time for the St. Louis University Billikens and their coach, former NHLer Todd Ewen, as they are prepare to host fifteen other teams from the American Collegiate Hockey Association for the 2012-13 Division II National Championship Tournament for the first time.
With a place assured for themselves in the tournament as the host club, the stage is set for some great hockey action at the Hardee’s Ice Complex from March 15th-19th.

Founded in 1991, the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) currently consists of three men’s divisions and two women’s divisions, with 446 teams competing across the United States. Their mission is to grow the sport at the collegiate level, while providing structure and governance for the member schools.

“It is going to be great,” Todd said on the phone from St. Louis. “The way I look at, 98% of the kids in the United States will end up playing in the ACHA because there are not enough jobs in the Major Junior leagues or the NCAA for players. That’s why I fought for the Division II Championship Tournament to come here - the amount of national champions we have had out of St. Louis is absolutely staggering. I put a lot of that success on my Alumni brothers here who have worked with the Junior Blues; they have really developed some great players.”

Read my interview with Todd Ewen at the NHL Alumni website

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