Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NHL Alumni Interview: Liam Maguire Nominates Paul Henderson for Order of Canada

Perhaps you watched it live on television or listened to the game on the radio in 1972... If you were too young to see it live, you have most likely seen the video. Regardless of when you became a hockey fan, when you hear Foster Hewitt’s famous call, “Henderson has scored for Canada” you know exactly which goal we are talking about - the goal heard around the world - Paul Henderson’s goal with 34 seconds remaining in Game 8 of the historic 1972 Summit Series.

It is a goal and a moment that stands the test of time. It is a series that stands the test of time - Team Canada versus the seldom-seen Team USSR. A battle of the two hockey super-powers and for many at the time that had lived through the Cold War and events like the Cuban Missile Crisis, a battle between democracy and communism. It was more than a hockey series; it was two different world-views battling each other, a drama being played out by young men from each nation on an ice surface with sticks and a puck.

As we approach the 40th anniversary of Paul Henderson’s goal on September 28th, Liam Maguire, the world-renowned hockey historian and president of Liam Maguire’s Ultimate Hockey, is trying to right a wrong by nominating Paul for one of Canada’s greatest honours, being named to the Order of Canada. This year’s nomination is Liam’s second attempt at seeing one of Canada’s hockey heroes honoured, not only for his goal in ‘72, but for all that he has done for Canada during and after his hockey career.

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