Friday, May 18, 2012

TVOS and Fan-tastic Sports: Interview with Rene Cranston

Rene Cranston's Attack Triangle
Every Wednesday, I share my thoughts from inside the NHL Alumni Association and from around today’s NHL at Peter Ing and Bryce Salvador’s Fan-tastic Sports XHockeyProducts blog. This week’s article - An interview with Rene Cranston, creator of the Attack Triangle.

"An age-old adage comes to mind when speaking with Rene Cranston - With experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes expertise. With a lifetime of playing hockey, watching and learning the intricate details of the game, he brings his knowledge to the next generation of players, teaching them what he has discovered as their instructor and coach. His expertise and what can best be described as a ‘Master’s Degree in Hockey’ led to creating an innovative hockey training aid that helps players perfect their stick and puck handling abilities, the Attack Triangle."

Read my interview with Rene Cranston at the XHockeyProducts blog.

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