Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TVOS and Fan-tastic Sports: Interview with Dean Dachyshyn

Dean Dachyshyn's QuickStickz
Every Wednesday, I share my thoughts from inside the NHL Alumni Association and from around today’s NHL at Peter Ing and Bryce Salvador’s Fan-tastic Sports XHockeyProducts blog. This week’s article - An interview with Dean Dachyshyn, creator of QuickStickz.

"The game of hockey has evolved over the years and so have the training aids used by players of all ages and skill levels to perfect their techniques. The latest technology allows today’s athletes the ability to focus on specific aspects of their game and work towards reaching their full potential. If you are looking for a new way to practise your stick handling skills, why not turn your hockey stick into a video game controller. That is exactly what Dean Dachyshyn has done with his innovative product, QuickStickz.

By combining the specially designed stick handling ball, the QuickStickz camera, your computer and your hockey stick, the QuickStickz system helps hockey players of all ages improve their hand speed, stick handling and passing skills. Utilizing the online drills and challenges that are part of the system, players learn to keep their head up and how to rely on their peripheral vision for better puck control and on-ice awareness."

Read my interview with Dean Dachyshyn at the XHockeyProducts Blog.

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