Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TVOS and Fan-tastic Sports - Can Team Chemistry Make A Difference?

Peter Ing
(Photo - NHL Alumni Association)
Every Wednesday, I share my thoughts from inside the NHL Alumni Association and from around today's NHL at Peter Ing's XHockey blog. This week, I take a look at team chemistry - is it real or just a sports cliche?

Can Team Chemistry Make A Difference?

As a sports columnist, my family, friends and readers often ask me for my pre-season predictions. Who will win the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl and ‘how will my team do this year’ are questions that I hear on a regular basis. While I used to work diligently trying to see into the future, predicting a league champion is not an easy task. There are too many factors involved and the biggest of course is managing to stay healthy – injuries can derail a good team in a hurry! If you are wondering how your team will do in any given season, I’ll pass along something I have learnt from my interviews and you may find your answer. How well do the guys on your favourite team get along with each other?

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