Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Business Garfoose" Does Some Baking For The Holidays!

While I usually take a serious look at the sports world here at The Voice of Sport, every now and then, things can get a little silly! You have to take a moment and have a little fun once in a while to recharge your batteries. So, having said that, what kind of fun do I like to have here at TVOS? Well, I try my best to entertain pitcher, best selling author and Garfoose creator Dirk Hayhurst - and make him laugh while I am doing it!

The Garfoose is a half-moose / half-giraffe, fire breathing, wi-fi enabled, magical, mystical creature. If you have followed Dirk on Twitter or visited his website, you'll know all about the Garfoose. If you are hearing about this wonderful creature for the first time, I suggest you read all about the Garfoose at Dirk's site. While you're at Dirk's website, I highly recommend that you also pre-order his new book Out of My League - trust me, you will love it!

Perhaps it is because I have interviewed Dirk a few times, but I have been very fortunate to have a Garfoose visit me from time to time. He is a Garfoose that strayed from the magical baseball groves years ago, becoming a multi-billionaire as a corporate raider in Toronto and throughout the business world. It is always a treat when he drops by for a visit! "Business Garfoose" has gone shopping in Toronto, he has travelled to Parliament Hill in Ottawa and visited Ottawa's Museum of Nature too. It's funny, considering he is a multi-billionaire, you'd think he'd have more than one suit and a better pair of shoes, but hey, he didn't get rich spending money.

We never know when "Business Garfoose" will appear and this evening he dropped by to do some holiday baking. Luckily, my wife was home and documented yet another "Business Garfoose" adventure.

"Business Garfoose" Does Some Baking For The Holidays!

"It's mixing time!"

Tom Petty said it best - "The waiting is the hardest part!"


"One of these cookies is not like the others."

"Wow!! It's a Garfookie!!"
"Remember kids, always clean up
 after you bake cookies."

Well folks, there you have it - the latest "Business Garfoose" adventure...

Where will he turn up next?

Are you laughing yet Dirk?

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