Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Business Garfoose" Visits Ottawa's Museum Of Nature!

When deciding how to celebrate the 300th posting here at The Voice of Sport, "Business Garfoose" contacted me, saying he was ready for another adventure as part of our ongoing mission to spread the word about all things Garfoose!!

The real Garfoose is a half-giraffe/half moose that lives with MLB pitcher and best-selling author Dirk Hayhurst. "Business Garfoose" is a distant relative that strayed from the flock and entered the world of high finance and corporate takeovers... He has gone shopping in Toronto and visited Parliament Hill in Ottawa with a very special message.

Today's Adventure: "Business Garfoose" visits Ottawa's Museum of Nature!
"Business Garfoose" Arrives At The Museum
"Business Garfoose" Enjoys The Moose
Carved Into The Stone
Much Like "Where's Waldo?"
Can You Spot BG?
"Have You Ever Thought About Investing?"
"Business Garfoose" Tells His New Friend
About How Awesome Dirk Hayhurst Is!!
This Guy Wasn't Much For Conversation!

"Business Garfoose" Finds A Distant Relative,
His Cousin George!

Smile For The Camera George...
Okay, Don't then...
My Antlers are Bigger Than Yours!
Home On The Range!
Ottawa's Museum Of Nature Is A
Beautiful Place To Visit!
Until We Meet Again! "Business Garfoose"
Was Off To Purchase Another
Small Country...

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Rdogg said...

This is too funny!! I wonder where the business garfoose will go next??? The world may never know! Keep traveling!