Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Voice of Sport at The Hockey Writers: Interview with Georges Laraque

Georges Laraque with his fellow
Deputy Leader of the Green Party
Adriane Carr
(Photo by Brent Granby/Flickr)
For the casual hockey fan, the name Georges Laraque conjures up images of one of the true heavyweights in the history of the NHL; a man that took on any challenger in his role as a fighter in the league. However, there is much more to this "enforcer" then his knockout punch. He is very passionate about the environment, better treatment for our animal friends - becoming a vegan in 2009, and last summer he became the Deputy Leader of Canada's Green Party. He is also active in helping numerous charities. Very open and honest, it was a thoroughly enlightening conversation.

The December guest for my "Ask the Alumni" series is Georges Laraque - Read the interview at The Hockey Writers

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