Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dirk Hayhurst and Mercy Corps need your Help!!

In the 24-hour news cycle in which we live, tragedies often capture our attention and newspaper headlines for a moment, only to be replaced by the latest Hollywood scandal. The news cameras often disappear, leaving those affected to pick up the pieces on their own.

Whether it is the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, the oil spill in the Gulf, and now the devastating flooding in Pakistan, our hearts ache momentarily before we get on with our lives. We have the ability to shape the world around us, and thanks to technology, our world is connected like never before; yet at times, it feels like our differences are dividing us at an alarming rate.

One man that is making a difference with technology and social networking is MLB pitcher and best-selling author, Dirk Hayhurst. Once again, Hayhurst, also known as The Garfoose on Twitter, is calling on his “Garfooslings” to help those in desperate need of help in Pakistan as he did when the earthquake struck Haiti.

Hayhurst has reached out to his friends and fans, seeking donations for Mercy Corps - an organization that hits the ground running in devastated areas, offering aid and assistance. When raising funds for the people of Haiti, Hayhurst called those that donated to thank them personally. This time around, he is sharing excerpts from his best-selling book The Bullpen Gospels. For a small donation, you can help Hayhurst help others, and while helping out, you can be entertained with never before released material from a thoroughly entertaining author. (Trust me folks, I am on my seventh reading of The Bullpen Gospels - you will be entertained!)

It is a simple act, sharing his work, rallying the Garfooslings to action, but it speaks volumes about the man. Hayhurst truly has a heart of gold and I consider him a friend. We have spoken several times for interviews, and every time it is the most invigorating, enlightening, and entertaining conversation - he is a reminder that there are good role models in this world. Remember when you were a kid and you said you wanted to be like a certain person when you grow up? Well, I want to be like Dirk Hayhurst when I grow up! Sure, I’m 36 and a few years older then him, but that is not the point... When we look outside ourselves, we see that others are in need too - Hayhurst’s call for assistance to raise funds has reminded me of that.

Take a moment, reflect on all the goodness in your life, all the blessings in your life, and remember that others are not as lucky. Any amount helps, no amount is too small!!

Click here to visit Dirk’s page at Mercy Corp to make a donation.

Thank you from The Voice of Sport and I know The Garfoose thanks you too!!

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Chantelle in the City said...

I once emailed Dirk, and he responded immediately. In the world of baseball, big contracts and bigger egos, Dirk is obviously loyal to his fans and really cares about him.

Go Jays Go!