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Remembrance Day Thoughts - Main Street Week - November 6, 2009

This article first appeared in the November 6th, 2009 edition of Main Street Week. With permission from the editors, this article has been reprinted here for all of the Voice of Sport readers - Thanks Jack and Sue!

Follow Your Dreams - and the Good Stories too...

As we approach November 11th and Remembrance Day, it is vitally important that we give thanks and remember the veterans of our Armed Forces that have made the ultimate sacrifice, allowing us to live in a free and democratic society. While we may not always agree on the deployment of our troops, there is no doubt that Canada’s men and women are second to none!

Personally, my Great-Uncle, Harry Lister, served in the military in WWII and my Uncle Bill Jackson is an active member of the Legion. My wife’s Grandfather, Macgregor Scobie of Arnprior Ontario, served in Europe during WWII and he has told several stories that leave your heart hurting, while at the same time, these stories inspire you to be a better person.

Mr. Scobie is in possession of a photograph from WWII, which hangs on his basement wall. A group of soldiers are storming one of the beaches on D-Day and a young man has just exited one of the boats. He is up to his chest in the water, carrying a bicycle, headed for the beach and an uncertain future. That young man is our Pop - Remembrance Day takes on a new meaning when standing next to a veteran as he looks at himself in a photograph from the war. It is important to remember, thanks to these sacrifices, we can all follow our dreams.

Many of you already know, for 12 years I was a musician, living and travelling through various parts of Canada, writing songs and sharing them on stage, working towards that “big break”. In 2004, health issues forced a career change and with the support of my wife Dianne, family and friends, I launched my website almost two years ago, joined the Canadian Association of Journalists and began a new career as a sports writer.

For the past sixteen months, I have written my sports columns for Main Street’s monthly and weekly editions with a mix of interviews and sports opinions. It is such a pleasure each time to share the sports news with Main Street readers while interviewing some of my favourite professional athletes. I am constantly surprised by what can be accomplished from my tiny home office here in Toronto and I am looking forward to bringing more sports news to Main Street for years to come.

In a recent conversation with Doug Farraway, a Program Director at the Fan 590 in Toronto - Canada’s largest sports radio station, Mr. Farraway shared an important piece of advice, the same advice I received from Jack and Sue at Main Street; regardless of the league or location, always follow the good stories.

Thanks to the sacrifices of many young men and women, from my family and yours, we can all follow our dreams and the good stories too, no matter where they are. This November, please take a moment to remember the men and women that did not make it home, shake the hand and thank the veterans that returned from the battlefields, make a donation to your local Legion and wear your poppy proudly. Have a great sports day everyone

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