Monday, July 28, 2008

Three Guys on the Radio - Thanks Buzz

It was a sad day at the Team 1200 here in Ottawa, for the last time the morning show was hosted by Buzz, Steve and Stuntman Stu. The show celebrated the life of Tim "Buzz" Kilpatrick, a local radio personality who passed away on Friday. The station has received over 1300 e-mails at this point and countless phone calls... I wanted my readers throughout North America to know how much Buzz has influenced my life. He was a truly wonderful man, and he is missed so, so much already.Today, I'm not writing as "The Voice", just as a sports fan that has lost a good radio friend. The following is for Buzz...

First let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with Buzz's family, the Team 1200 family, Steve, Stu and producer Kenny. Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to share our stories today. While my words won't ease anyone's pain, perhaps the story of how Buzz touched my life will bring comfort someday in the future.

I am a free-lance writer here in Ottawa and I entered the world of sports journalism and broadcasting because of TGOR and Buzz. From 1994 until 2004, Vancouver was home and I worked as a musician. In 2002, while my band was recording our third CD, I began suffering from a chronic illness. My wife and I moved back to Ottawa to be closer to family. I could not work, leave the house, or even listen to music. Depression quickly set in... One lucky day in 2005, I discovered the Team 1200, Buzz, Steve, and Stuntman Stu.

Every morning, no matter how bad I was feeling, there you were with Buzz. His laugh and his jokes always made me feel better. His passion for life, his friends, and sports brought me out of my shell; and re-awakened those same feelings in me. My very first e-mail to TGOR was read by Buzz, I'm glad I had an old tape recorder going. I'd bet he didn't know he was sending me me on a new and unexpected career path. If not for Buzz, I'm not sure where I'd be... I now write for several newspapers and I write this blog. I received some big news on Friday, I couldn't wait to e-mail TGOR on Monday.. but now here we are...

Sometimes in our profession we wonder is anyone reading this? Or listening? Well Buzz, we were all listening, to every word... Steve, Stu and Kenny, thank you for what you bring into our lives, and Thank You Buzz for what you brought into my life - I owe you one.

Have a great sports day everyone.

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